About Angelique Imani Rodriguez

Angelique Imani Rodriguez is a Bronx born and bred Boricua writer and bibliophile. A graduate of the CUNY BA program with a BA in Multi-Ethnic Literature and Multi-Ethnic Women & Gender Studies, Angelique is a three time alum of the VONA (Voices of Our Nations Arts) Foundation’s workshops and a two-time alum of the Writing Our Lives workshops. Her non-fiction work has been published in the James Franco Review and in Choice Words: Writers on Abortion, edited by Annie Finch.

Dubbed the #BiblioBruja, she founded the online book club @theboricongobookgang in 2014, which focuses on the works of writers of color. In 2018, she began developing and editing Fried Eggs and Rice: An Anthology by Writers of Color on Food. In addition, she is now working on a collection of flash fiction. Most recently, Angelique launched AIR Edits, where she offers her editing skills at affordable rates to writers of prose and poetry.

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