It’s been a LONG time…

Hi all–

I know…I have been hella lackadaisical about posting here, but I wanted to put you on to some updates on what I actually have been up to in the interim:

  1. I told myself at the start of 2018 that I would submit more and I have! I am editing some of the drafts of the essays I have posted here and will delete posts as I finish working on them. Side note: I am not open for emailed notes, so pretty please refrain from hitting me up with your notes on these drafts. I have an amazing writing circle (or coven..ha!) and I am a huge believer in the idea that too many cooks in the kitchen ends up in meals that don’t get made. Feel me? I got this.
  2. My last post was for a call for submissions for an anthology of writers and chefs of color on food. If you are interested in submitting, I have extended the deadline and am still accepting submissions! See previous post or email for more details.
  3. I am always running the Boricongo Book Gang, my online book club that focuses on the works of writers of color. I have just recently created an Instagram for the book club and am partnering with Maria Rodriguez, poet and founder of BRILLA (Broadening Representation in LatinX Literature & Art) for an epic September 2018 giveaway. If you aren’t yet, please follow @theboricongobookgang and @brillamedia for soon-to-be-posted details on how to enter to win and join the group for awesome books while being introduced to amazing writers of color. Trust me, you will NOT want to miss out. Please note going forward, I will be posting more about the book club as well on this blog.
  4. I have fallen in love with flash prose, y’all. Flash prose are pieces that are each 1,000 words or less. I submitted to the Writing Our Lives/Tin House collaboration (which is still open for submissions for Writing Our Lives alumni…check it out!). The submission was a real challenge for me but I legit have fallen in love with the genre. Reminiscent of Cisnero’s “The House on Mango Street” and the work of Eduardo Galeano, the genre allows my inner poet to play around a bit and creates the need to really know and understand the power of diction. That being said, I am scribbling and scribbling away piece after piece. Its coming out of my pores, y’all! Ha!
  5. Lastly, I am currently researching for a project that is pure magic and that excites me so much. I want it to come into fruition a bit more before I talk thoroughly about it, but needless to say….STAY TUNED, MI GENTE!

So much going on, mi gente….with lots of living, laughing, and loving in between.

I want to thank those who have kept up with my writing and with me. Your support and encouragement mean so much to me.

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