Call For Submissions! Breaking Bread: An Anthology of Writers of Color on Food

Breaking Bread: An Anthology of Writers of Color on Food

Submissions accepted: April 2nd, 2018 – EXTENDED TO OCTOBER 2ND!

People often connect with food outside of its sheer necessity and nutritive value. Each of us have distinct memories of food that bear emotional significance to us: The one school lunch you wax nostalgic about, the first meal you had after your divorce was finalized, the meal you were making when you found out your friend passed, the assembly line of women around the tables preparando pasteles for the holidays, the one cornbread recipe you can only make if looking at the recipe handwritten by your family member.

Food can represent an act of healing, of love, of faith, of community and home, of family, and of resistance. It speaks to our emotions because it creates a sensory and emotional experience for us in both its preparation and its consumption. For communities of color specifically, these moments with food represent those significant moments of joy or pain, of connection, of spirituality, or as just a break from the daily onslaught of living as a marginalized person. Think of the women who have provided nourishment to sustain movements and revolutions, who have created feasts out of, sometimes, very little.

And yet, food writing in our communities is scarce. There are a handful of titles and some prominent bloggers, but it is time to create a collection of work where people of color can explore their food memories and talk about our food in our way, with the same attention, love, and detail that it takes to prepare the meal. A multi-genre collection, the hope is that the “Breaking Bread” anthology should reflect the powerful and significant ways that food has impacted our lives.

While writing, please consider:

  • Why is this meal significant? How will the reader know this? What are you trying to tell the reader so that they may be able to connect with the meal in the way that you did?
  • What is the recipe and if, like so many of us, you don’t have the recipe written down, how would you write out that recipe? What would the meal be called?

Eligibility and Guidelines

  • This call is open to all writers of color, regardless of geographical location or prior publication.
  • Prose Submissions – Prose submissions can be fiction or personal essay. Should NOT exceed 4,000 words. All work must be double-spaced (1″ margins, 12-pt. Times New Roman font). This does not include the recipe, which should be written out and submitted with written piece.
  • Poetry submissions – not to exceed three (3) pieces. Recipe(s) should be included with submission and is not included as one of the three pieces.
  • Author’s info should NOT appear on document. Instead, please include a separate cover sheet with name, address, phone number (optional), e-mail address, word count, and manuscript title. This should be the first page of your submission.
  • If you prefer to mail a hard copy, please email the below email address.


Questions? Please contact Angelique Imani Rodriguez at

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